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iPhone News about the iPhone March 4, 2007 on 10:09 pm | In Soft | No Comments

I’m a great fan of Jajah since October 2006, and I missed their blog… that they support the iPhone with their voice over IP functionnality on mobile phone. It’s really not a surprise… Why, because their technology is faily simple, it’s not a voice over IP when you need an internet connection, it’s a voice over IP using your existing phone. So when you use Jajah, your phone is ringing, and then you are connected with your correspondent. So it would be very easy to put it on the iPhone, with a web page you could enable Jajah, with a java application you could enable jajah, with an SMS (I think it could work) you could enable Jajah.

Finally, for the Apple world, so I think that we will find this applet on the iPhone as well…


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