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iPhone News about the iPhone March 11, 2007 on 2:08 am | In Soft | 3 Comments
Lenogo Box An interesting software is now available from : the which is a tool that convert any DVD or video to a MPEG-4 file which is readable by the iPhone. It is a Windows Application, but there are also some versions for Mac in the Lenogo Suite.

It’s really simple to convert to a MPEG-4 file, you just select your source (DVD disc):

Lenogo Screen 1

You just have to click on Setting to adjust the video size to the iPhone screen size (480×320):

Lenogo Screen 2

And after you just click on Convert…

It’s very simple and useful.


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  1. so that means iPhone can’t play divx??? Seriously… get with the times. Don’t make me pay $500 to have to use MPEG-4 video files.

    Comment by mystery — March 11, 2007 #

  2. Seriously, I don’t see why any companies won’t accept different formats of video. I’m actually disappointed that they don’t AT LEAST give a converter with their products that require .mp4 formats.

    Comment by — May 7, 2007 #

  3. Well if windows came out with it and mac, I’m sure linx will be soon to follow. A lot of companies seems to have trouble with .mp4 formats. I don’t use my phone to watch movies I normally use Dix or Code Media to do that but it’s good to see other people making up for their competitors mistakes.

    Comment by — May 9, 2007 #

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