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iPhone News about the iPhone October 23, 2009 on 9:25 am | In iPhones | 2 Comments


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  1. iDon’t piss off users with willy-nilly app rejections.

    iDon’t treat my purchasers as if they merely rent me.

    iDon’t force a backup per day everytime the user connects to the computer.

    iDon’t take forever and a day to perform backups.

    iDon’t know how to spell freedom of choice.

    iDon’t know why anyone who has me would buy an Android.

    …. I’m a user. I DO know.

    Comment by iPhone2MyTouch — October 23, 2009 #

  2. I do enjoy that Apple checks apps and my phone doesn’t crash because of buggy software.

    I can jailbreak if I want to and I won’t get arrested.

    It doesn’t have to do backup, the user is to stupid to uncheck that option.

    I use a old machine so I go through USB 1 and it’s slow, if I was using USB 2 it would zoom.

    I have the choice to have the best phone and that’s why I have a iPhone.

    I know why people would buy a droid, because that’s what they want.

    Sorry your bashing fell through, now go buy a computer with USB 2, instead of getting a Droid, because you will have the same problems.

    Comment by Brian — November 23, 2009 #

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