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iPhone News about the iPhone April 2, 2007 on 3:05 pm | In iTunes, News | 4 Comments

EMI Records According to an in London today, iTunes will contain soon some high quality DRM-Free music from EMI at a basic price of $1.29.

I’m happy to hear that, Apple is making the music industry going to the next step. People wants DRM-Free music so everyone could listen to their music on every device they want.

I’m quite sure that other music majors will have to announce something soon about it…



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  1. Great news!

    Comment by — April 5, 2007 #

  2. This is excellent news. I have been buying songs from iTunes for a long time now, but have been disappointed that I couldn’t “share” them with my friends. I guess now, it’ll be easier!

    Comment by — May 7, 2007 #

  3. Rock on. I always found it a pain searching for certain types of formats that I could share with my friends. This will make it a lot easier, and it’s a good PR move for Apple as well. Hope other companies are soon to follow.

    Comment by — May 8, 2007 #

  4. I’m sure though that Lars will complain about this as well, even though he’s not loosing any money over it. At least not as much as he thinks he is. The greed of some people.

    Comment by — May 9, 2007 #

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