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iPhone News about the iPhone April 4, 2007 on 9:50 pm | In iPhones, News | 3 Comments

Apple Thanks to the french blog , (Ireland) for the launch of the iPhone in Europe. The job ad was posted on the 26 of March, so we can guess that this role will be fit by the end of June. From my point of view, it probably means the iPhone could arrive in Europe in September-October.


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  1. Buongiorno,

    Comment by Simona Rech — April 16, 2007 #

  2. Hrm, too bad I don’t live over in Europe. I imagine Apple can pay it’s employees fairly well. Maybe I should grab a plane ticket and travel Europe. heh.

    Comment by — May 8, 2007 #

  3. Ummm… for some reason… I just want to say.. who cares? This shocks me because Europe is usually one step ahead of the US when it comes to launches of new things… perhaps European markets already knew this phone was a bunch of mess?!

    Comment by cammiechristie — June 5, 2007 #

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