MOSCOW, September 9. /TASS/. The American company Apple (“Apple”) and its principal contractor, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer Foxconn (“Foxconn”) violated the labor law of China due to the fact that I’ve abused the hiring of temporary employees to the factory for the production of smart phones iPhone (IPhone) in China’s Zhengzhou. On Monday, citing the investigation non-governmental organization China Labor Watch (“China labor watch”, CLW) reported the Agency Bloomberg.

Employees of CLW for several years, conducted an investigation in connection with possible violations of workers ‘ rights in factories in China, working undercover at the plant in Zhengzhou. According to the information received, the number of temporary workers at Foxconn in August exceeded 50%, although according to Chinese law, there should be no more than 10%. At the same time, Bloomberg notes, in September in connection with the return of many temporary workers to training in schools, their number decreased to 30%, however, this situation is still a violation of the labor code.

The Agency explains that temporary workers, in contrast to contract workers, not eligible for paid vacation, social insurance and other benefits, the basic salary they pay third party companies, while Foxconn is not directly concludes contracts with them. In addition, temporary employees are entitled to official status after three months of work for the Corporation, but the electronics manufacturer has not provided them with this opportunity.

As noted in the Apple, and its representatives conducted an internal investigation in connection with collapsed to the Corporation by the accusations and came to the conclusion that the percentage of temporary employees exceeds the standards stipulated in the Corporation. “[Apple] is working closely with Foxconn to resolve this issue”, — quotes Agency the statement of the American giant. At Foxconn also acknowledged the breaches of the labour legislation, but pointed to the voluntary nature of overtime.

Foxconn is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics, to carry out orders for the world’s leading brands. The headquarters is located in Taiwan. Since 2010, the company collects and exports half of the world’s smartphones by Apple.

Founded in 1976, Apple produces the iPhone, tablet computers iPad (“IPad”), MacBook (“MacBook”), desktop computers, iMac (“Aimag”), music players, iPod (“IPod”) and other high-tech equipment. Corporation with headquarters in Cupertino (California) — one of the largest in the world: its market capitalization is about 950 billion dollars.

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