Apple will release a budget laptop MacBook, and updated, designed for professional users, the version of the Mac mini. This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to sources.

According to them, the new laptop will look the same as the MacBook Air, but will be installed on this high-resolution Retina display, which the company equips its other devices. Screen size is about 13 inch as the MacBook Air.

At the moment the MacBook Air, the price of which is about $1 million, remains the only laptop without screen with high resolution. Last year the model was updated and received a new processor, however, any more serious and can not be changed. The Agency notes that in 2015 released an updated version of another model — MacBook — seen as a replacement for the MacBook Air, but at a price of $1.3 thousand computer was too expensive for some users. Price planned production sources, Bloomberg is not called, however, indicate that it is intended for those who are looking for a cheaper incarnation of the current Apple products.

The interlocutors Bloomberg said that the manufacturer plans to release a new version of the Mac mini — the system unit sold without the rest of the devices (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.) in the kit, which costs now around $500. The company wants to make the updated Mac mini is more focused on professional users — for example, developers of applications that will make this product more expensive than the existing variant.

According to the Agency, the company’s plans is largely due to the low sales of those devices, the manufacture and sale of which Apple carries out for the longest time.

It is noted that after the presentation of these new models of Apple computers will present the new models of the iPhone, Apple Watch and the iPad Pro.


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