TASS, July 11. Apple has accused a former employee of stealing classified data about the project of an unmanned vehicle, the development of which was led by the company. On Tuesday the Agency Bloomberg.

According to him, Chinese engineer Zhang Xiaolan town, was arrested on 7 July at the international airport San Jose (California) while trying to fly to China. The man resigned from Apple in April 2018, saying that going to work in based in Guangzhou, the company Xiaopeng Motors. The company suspected employee theft of data due to its increased activity in the network and frequent visits to the office after dismissal, says Bloomberg.

During the interrogation, the FBI Xiaolan town Zhang confessed that copied the data from the project of an unmanned vehicle on the laptop of my wife to keep access to them. The representative Xiaopeng Motors told Bloomberg that the man was not transferred to the company secret information of Apple and was fired immediately after it became known about the investigation of his case by the US authorities.

According to the newspaper the Washington Post, the man faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $250 thousand in case he is found guilty.


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