NEW YORK, September 11. /TASS/. Antitrust investigation against the American company Google will largely relate to its advertising policy. This was reported on Tuesday by Bloomberg, which managed to get acquainted with the requirements of the attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton, who headed the investigation at the level of Prosecutor generals of States.

According to the Agency, in the materials requirement of the company during the month to provide data relating to its developed system of online advertising. So, the prosecutors 48 us States, capital of the district of Columbia and Puerto Rico are going to find out the details about the Google acquisition of smaller advertising companies such as DoubleClick and AdMob, the recruitment of professionals in the field, data collection, pricing policy and the characteristics of mechanisms of distribution of advertising on the Internet.

On Monday, Paxton said that the authorities of the 48 us States, capital of the district of Columbia and Puerto Rico begin an investigation on suspicion of Google, owned by the American Corporation Google, in violation of antitrust laws. As said the Prosecutor General, the investigation did not join the government of the States of California and Alabama, who conduct a similar review in relation to Facebook. Paxton explained the initiative “the dominant position of Google in the advertising market and the personal data of users”. The Federal Commission on securities and exchange Commission last week announced that the Ministry of justice has sent Google a request for provision of corporate documents in an antitrust investigation by the United States authorities.

In July this year it became known that American authorities are preparing to launch a large-scale investigation against Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple to check for possible violations of antitrust laws. According to Reuters, the authority in the proceedings will be divided between the Federal trade Commission to take under the supervision of Amazon and Facebook, and the Ministry of justice, which will deal with Apple and Google. Simultaneously, on the beginning of own investigation declared Democrats in the House of representatives of the Congress of the United States.

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