Today the journalists of Bloomberg said about all the new products that Apple is expected to introduce this fall. Most attention went to the iPhone 11. Information on other Apple gadgets, for the most part had already appeared in the network.

iPhone 11

According to Bloomberg, this year in the name of the iPhone appears again the numbers. The successors to the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max needs to have the prefix Pro in the name. A distinctive feature of the “Pro” line will be a camera with three modules. The latter will include: telephoto lens, wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lenses. Thanks to an advanced main camera, top-end Apple smartphones will be able to make high-quality images in a higher resolution and in more difficult conditions. For example, in low light conditions.

As the successor iPhone XR, this apparatus also needs to obtain an improved main camera. However, unlike the older models with the prefix Pro, this smartphone will be equipped with a camera with two lenses.

The Bloomberg authors also note that all iPhone sample 2019 model year will be equipped with improved Face ID that can recognize the user’s face at different angles. For example, if the smartphone is on the table.

Don’t forget cupertinos about augmented reality. Specifically for the best use of AR-technologies in smartphones should see a new chip called the Matrix. He will assume part of the workload in the tasks related to augmented reality.

Separately, Bloomberg noted that the new Apple smartphones will lose support 3D Touch. Replaced the last one comes Haptic Touch system, which debuted last year in the iPhone XR. In addition, the new iPhone will not receive the support of networks of the fifth generation. Most likely, this option will appear in the Apple until next year.

iPad and iPad Pro

In addition to iPhone cupertinos also need to show some new iPad. In particular, Apple will introduce the iPad Pro 2019 with a more efficient filling and better cameras, and also announces the successor to the iPad with a 9.7-inch screen.

In the words of journalists, Apple’s entry-level tablet will be equipped with a display with a diagonal of 10.2 inches. While the size of it should not differ greatly from its predecessor. The growth of the diagonal will occur by reducing the frames around the screen.

MacBook Pro

The authors of Bloomberg confirmed the rumors about Apple’s plans to release a new MacBook Pro with 16-inch display. According to reports, the new product will be aimed primarily at professional users. For this reason, it must be equipped with advanced filling. However, all this could have a negative impact on the cost of the laptop.

Apple Watch

As for the new version of smart hours Apple, the Bloomberg authors did not report any new information. According to them, updated the Apple Watch due out in buildings made of new materials (ceramic and titanium).


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