YouTube has canceled plans to create a high-quality dramas and comedies and ceased to accept applications for expensive shows. In a number of shorter projects included web series Origin and Overthinking with Kat & June, producers will be looking for them new home.

The reason for the refusal from Google further compete with Netflix and Amazon has become the high cost of production: the Corporation needs to invest billions of dollars to circumvent the major players, sources said to Bloomberg. Leadership came to the conclusion that the best investment in their situation will remain the music and game content.

In a certain sense they never went for broke with this strategy. It’s like that to bring a butter knife to a gunfight — said an analyst at Evercore ISI Anthony Diclemente.

It is expected that YouTube Premium (originally called Red YouTube) will continue to be available to the user, but will focus on the music rather than the original content, premium. The video content will still appear, but further development in this direction YouTube will give into the hands of the authors of the channels.

Earlier he reported that today, March 25, Apple needs to provide streaming service — “Apple” the company intends to compete for such high Hollywood awards as “Oscar” and “Emmy”. Stream presentation of new Apple products began a day before its launch.

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