Boston University specialists warn about the vulnerabilities in Bluetooth, through which intruders can monitor users of modern devices running on Windows 10, iOS and macOS, and retrieve their IDs.

According to experts, the built-in security functions of the operating systems will not help defend against this breach. The result are at risk for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, tablet and laptops, running Windows.

David Starobin and Johannes Becker, researchers at Boston University, presented their findings at the 19th Symposium on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Experts presented the report of Anonymized Tracking of Bluetooth Devices (PDF), according to which they found the opportunity to bypass the randomization of MAC addresses, allowing permanent monitoring of the specific device.

“The algorithm uses the asynchronous nature of the change of address to track the device to bypass the randomization of the addresses of a device. The algorithm does not require decoding of messages or Bluetooth hacking, it is completely based on public advertising unencrypted traffic”, — the document says.

Described by the experts method works in the case of Windows, iOS and macOS. But Android just protected from such actions because they do not have the habit of constantly send out promotional emails.

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