Becoming mayor of London in 2008, Boris Johnson decided to fight the traffic in person and travelled to work by Bicycle and metro. During the London Olympics, he also tested a new bungee, but to the delight of tabloid photographers stuck in the middle. Probably the reason why Johnson decided not to use this device to move around the city, but never exchanged his Bicycle for the motorcade until he became Minister of foreign Affairs — then the security service banned a policy of to move at such a vulnerable mode of transport. I wonder how the new PM will now get to Downing street, 10.


This is probably the most popular “alternative” transport powerful. In addition to the newly made Prime Minister of great Britain, move around on the bike the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg rides a bike 140 miles a week. Recently, Forbes wrote about the future of the main designer (and potentially the CEO) Apple’s Jeff Williams, who also moved on two-wheeled transport or even walking to work.

Particularly popular bike at the heads of the cities: for example, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko three years ago I posted on my Facebook that will now move around the city only by bike. More precisely on electric bikes Gocycle — on this he arrived at the recent inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky, although the Declaration of the former boxer was a total of nine bikes. In various Bicycle races was attended by many Russian politicians, but it is unlikely that the Bicycle is their main mode of transport.

In General, it is difficult to understand whether politicians use the bike as transportation and not a populist move. Since many of them live out of town, it seems implausible that all the way from home to work, they walk on two-wheeled transport. For example, by his own admission, the current General Director of OJSC LSR Group and former Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov, in spite of all the love for bicycles is the distance from the house from work prevents him to use this transport every day.


If the bike is the leader of our list, “subway” — its main and most successful Stalker. So, one of the most famous habitués of the new York subway was and still is Michael Bloomberg, 108 the mayor and nine of the last Forbes list of billionaires. Those who had the opportunity to ride with Bloomberg in the subway reported that the businessman sits somewhere around 42nd street, goes, accompanied by guards and usually reads the newspaper. In cars of the same new York subway and photographed many stars of show business, such as Tom Hanks, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jake Gyllenhaal. In Russia, however, known people if ride the subway, then carefully hide it — reliable information about their movement in the underground public transport was not.


Despite the fact that electric cars are an increasingly popular form of personal transport, to observe in them are known people still unusual. The Tesla Model S is in the garage of a huge number of music and movie stars: drive it Jay-Z, will Smith, Steven Spielberg, Morgan Freeman, author of Game of thrones George Martin and many others. Model X is and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, although at first he spoke about Ilona Mask and his company with marked skepticism.

From influential figures of the post-Soviet space California electric cars is also in high demand. They boarded the head of Sberbank German Gref (he had two Model S) and the Director-General Mail.Ru Dmitry Grishin. The Fund of struggle against corruption published photos of the press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov driving a Model X, but the latter his love of electric does not advertise.

Much more open in their attitude to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. At the end of 2017, he tested the Model S at the new ring around Minsk and admitted that I brought my car to 280 km/h. After that Lukashenko has long touted the car and urged the Belarusian manufacturers as soon as possible to develop a domestic competitor. In addition to the electric car Lukashenko is electrometrical from Chinese parts.

In the midst of the parliamentary election campaign there was a video of President Vladimir Zelensky driving a Tesla Model X, but users quickly drew attention to the lack of car in the declarations of the President. By the way, the head office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Bogdan has noted the love for the cars of this brand and compared it with the iPhone.


One of the main, if not the most famous, of motorantrieb the business world is a 65-year-old Director of Honda of Takanobu ito. This is not surprising, because he heads the largest company producing motorcycles in 2019, Honda has sold more than 20 million units of the vehicle worldwide. Ito himself very carefully for the company’s products and fell with bike racing in 2011, joked that specifically took the hit as the bike was worth about 100 million yen.

In addition to ito on motorcycles like rolling many former governors of the United States, and it’s not just about Arnold Schwarzenegger — choppers Hurley-Davidson are in the garages of the former Governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels and former Governor of Utah and current U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman Jr.

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