If you tired to remember a password from your own Wi-Fi network, you can go to archives Mac stores all the passwords.

Moreover, with the help of “keychain iCloud” to learn the passwords from the networks you have previously connected your iPhone or iPad. So, in order to find them, you need to:

  • to open Spotlight search (key combination command + spacebar or the magnifying glass button in the upper right corner of the status bar of the Mac);
  • enter “iCloud keychain” and open the application;

  • click “Passwords” in lower left corner. In order not to waste time scrolling through the list, you can use the search box in the upper right corner;

  • double-click the desired network to put a check mark next to “Show password” and enter the password from Mac.

Now you can easily copy and paste it in the box with Wi-Fi. This very handy feature will help to save time and eliminate worries about losing important data.

“ICloud keychain” is a feature, which macOS and iOS remember everything you entered on the device passwords and usernames and store them securely in the cloud service iCloud.


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