The Russian company BQ has developed a new low-cost smartphone Strike Forward 5528L, estimated only 7,000 rubles. While the mobile phone is very good for its price features and even ahead of its main competitors in the Russian market performance. The phone is already on sale in Russia and you can buy it in three body colours, besides, metallic gray, black and gold. We got to test the first option, but with this shade it is not so simple and obvious — discuss this in more detail in a separate paragraph.

If you think that Strike Forward 5528L can easily replace Apple iPhone SE2, which, as we know, did not come — the smartphone is compact, perfect control with one hand, is inexpensive, and it works quite a fast. Now consider all associated aspects in more detail.

Packaging equipment

Let’s begin, by tradition, from the box. BQ changed the style of the packaging — it became more serious and strict. The default white box of a very sturdy cardboard decorated with huge render of the front panel of the smartphone on top, and the bottom depicts its rear part, and this is in the same silvery color. It is not excluded that on the boxes with black and gold housing, they are shown in appropriate colors.

The bottom box has the full list of characteristics of the gadget and the list supplied with accessories. Overall, the new style packaging similar to the way Apple packages its smartphones, and this, as you know, a very high level.

Move on to configuration. The smartphone comes with clip tray SIM-cards, battery charger, 1.5 amps, date cable, microUSB 2.0, warranty card and manual. In 2019 it is, by and large, is irrelevant, as smartphones are able to use almost all, but still it’s there. Besides, it duplicated the list of characteristics, which can also be found on the official website of the manufacturer. By the way, the same Apple does not publish the specifications of their IPhones anywhere else. The box showed a nice bonus in the form of a protective film on the display. It is applied on the smartphone at the factory and will come in handy while you are expecting a package with a protective glass from AliExpress.


In the list below, just highlight one disadvantage of the smartphone is a microUSB 2.0 port. It is unclear what he is doing in the smartphone of 2019, when even cheap Chinese devices in terms of the same Xiaomi was a long-standing USB-C. otherwise, taking into account the cost, Strike Forward 5528L got a very good set of features, and now you will see for yourself. screen: IPS, 5.45 inches, 1440х720 points 18:9; processor: UNISOC 9863, 1.6 GHz, 8 cores; — video card: integrated PowerVR Rogue GE8322; — memory: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal, microSD up to 64GB; interfaces: microUSB 2.0, microSD, 3.5 mm, 2xSIM; — wireless connectivity: GSM, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS, FM, infrared port — battery: built-in, 3000 mAh; firmware: Android 9 Pie, basic interface; camera: front 5 MP (flash), basic 13+0.3 MP; — housing material: metal, plastic; — colour: black, grey, gold; dimensions: 147х71х8 mm; — weight: 148 grams; — features: a fingerprint scanner, the system noise reduction, a separate SIM card and microSD slots.

As you can see, the drawback of the old charging port BQ tried to neutralize pleasant bonuses in the form of the IR port to control appliances, and system noise suppression. I must admit that they are both extremely rare gadgets for 7000 rubles (ordered from China, Xiaomi smartphones don’t count), and because they deserve a separate section.

Comparison with competitors

In the Russian market from the Strike Forward 5528L has a few competitors, but chief among them is, of course, Huawei Honor and Huawei 7A Y5 Lite 2018. At the time of publication of the material first costs 7,500 rubles, and the second 7000 rubles, that is about the same price. As you can see in the table, all three cell phones have so many similarities, but Strike Forward 5528L definitely wins in the parameters of the processor main camera, and the matrix screen — IPS significantly better than the outdated and in 2019 useless TFT with no angles. It is the place in smartphones, 2012 — this technology is long since outdated. We also mention that Strike Forward 5528L the competition runs on a newer version of the Android OS. Besides, its design has elements of metal. Let us discuss this in more detail.


Strike Forward 5528L made in the classic style — it has a screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 that became the industry standard, moderately thin frame and black front panel without the company logo (which is good) and touch buttons (which is not very good). As for the colors, that gray is not quite gray. In different lights it is silver, it does gets a shade of rose gold. From the point of view of originality is the most interesting color available. No cutouts for the camera, monopoly and other improper conduct not here — selfie-module, supplemented by the flash, information led, sensors of light and proximity, as well as the earpiece fit in the upper frame of the display. Front nothing more, and behind we see a huge metal plate on almost the entire area of the panel — there’s only a small size plastic inserts on top and bottom for the antennas.

Located rear dual camera, and placed it not pop like the IPhone and its many clones, but gently and horizontally. In the back you can see the fingerprint reader, painted in the body color, and an optional microphone noise cancellation.

Location other items the following: low main speaker, microphone and charging connector, placed on top of the IR port and the entry under the headphones, the volume buttons and the inclusion displayed at the right end of the housing, and the tray SIM-cards, respectively, on the left. Everything is familiar and comfortable: BQ did not carry the 3.5 mm down, as many do, and microUSB up, or worse, on the side.


As mentioned above, Strike Forward 5528L was very compact — it can easily hold with one hand and manage, with the help of the thumb. They can reach almost any corner of the display, so that many will appreciate it. Accidental touches of the screen not at the expense of optimally chosen thickness of the side part, the phone Itself due to the roughness of metal and the side ends of the hand does not slip, and the weight of it feels very nice.

Dactyloscopy is located in a small cavity in the housing, and due to the small dimensions of the device it is always possible to find, and there is no need to reach for it. The side buttons have a very tight and palpable click when triggered, in a word, in terms of ergonomics smartphone is very good.

The only thing we didn’t like about this plan is the lack of touch buttons under the screen. The screen itself is small, the virtual buttons take up a lot of space on it, which is not always convenient. You can also note the increased opportunity easily soiled front panel — prints collects immediately, but cleared poorly. With the back panel all the way around — almost never gets dirty and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


The smartphone has a IPS screen with excellent color reproduction and good viewing angles. Starbursts we have not found, we can only note the moderate decrease of contrast at extreme angles. The quality, color and brightness of the displayed image is not affected.

The pixel density here to 295 ppi, as shown by the test AnTuTu, and for a diagonal that should be enough, although the graininess is still observed. The problem can be solved by reducing the image size in the settings.

Due to the fact that in the design of the display module is no air gap between glass and matrix, the screen behaves well in the sun — fade, but not completely, while remaining quite readable. The sensor layer detects five simultaneous touches. The display settings allow you to set day or night mode, adjust the zoom and font size, and adjust color reproduction, and very wide band.

Sound, infrared and active noise cancellation Via the sound volume to the smartphone there are generally no issues — both speakers so deafening that you can safely adjust the volume to 40% even in noisy places the call and the interlocutor is heard well. Sound quality is another story. The earpiece is still very good, but the main terms of losing position immediately and without a fight. The sound is loud indeed, but the flat — there are upper and MIDs, but no “bottom”. Music on this smartphone is not exactly to listen to in full growth, but for YouTube it is enough. Now the microphone. Denoising my phone runs at 99%. It is perfectly extinguishes the usual street noises, be it the hum of machines, the conversations of other people and so on. The interlocutor will hear you so well, if you are on a distance of a couple meters from him. But with the wind noise reduction to cope is not so good — air turbulence still sometimes heard, though do not cause discomfort and do not force the interlocutor to ask again. And finally, infrared. Need it here to control home electronics — TVs, wall-split systems, and all that comes with a remote control. To work you need to download any appropriate app, the same “Mi Panel” from Xiaomi — a lot of them in Google Play. The idea is quite workable — we were able to control splits Hansa and Royal Clima, TV LG and acoustics Microlab. Is it comfortable? not the word — the phone is always at hand, but the remotes always get lost.

Protection of information

To prevent unauthorized access to Strike Forward 5528L provided by the fingerprint scanner and face detection Both features work out its presence in the mobile phone by 100%. Face ID is based here on the front 5-megapixel camera. In bright light, can recognize a face even in profile, though it it takes less than a second — just a moment. Moreover, in contrast to all of the same IPhones, which went for unlocking by face here after identification, from the opening screen — no need to drag your finger across the screen. Unlock the face in the case of Strike Forward 5528L works 9 times out of 10. The fingerprint scanner shows a little less than an outstanding result — 8 out of 10, and he also works very quickly and directly opens home screen. Recall that all this applies to the smartphone that cost only 7,000 rubles.

The camera

Of the three cameras Strike Forward 5528L (and in fact, even two) is allocated to the front. Smartphone not declared as a gadget for the selfie, but it frontalka got decent for a budget device, the resolution of 5 MP and a good aperture of f/1,9. Moreover, it has its own flash, which is very useful in obtaining self-portraits in the dark.

About the camera nothing special to say. Takes on 4 of 5 for quality photos in daylight, but no more. Additional module 0.3 MP, given the low resolution on the final quality has no effect.


Strike Forward 5528L working on a full Android OS 9 Pie. The firmware of the smartphone has clearly undergone an optimization procedure, because it works even with 2 GB of RAM very fast. A cell phone does not slow in the conventional problems, and can even boast of additional software features.

These include a large number of supported gestures, allowing to minimize the number of touches to the display. Smartphone control much easier.

The firmware is not overloaded with an excessive number of system apps, but apps advertising it too much. There are nine of them, six of which are removed without problem. There’s only two software from Yandex and AppsPress app that will spam labels for downloading useless software from Google Play and notifications. Smartphones in 2019, especially from such a large brand, this kind ON definitely not a second after microUSB serious disadvantage of this smartphone. Fortunately, AppsPress you can disable (not remove, namely, to turn off) in settings.

After the first boot in the device’s memory will be occupied 6.4 GB. Remove the garbage and cleaning the cache will free up an additional 700 MB.


Strike Forward 5528L surprisingly fared well in games with moderate 3D graphics. This is confirmed in the gaming test 3DMark with package Ice Storm Unlimited, which he got in a good 9222 points. Performance in applications is also no problem. In the memory of the smartphone can hold up to four elementary programs and two heavy — navigators and the like. The results of the tests in GeekBench and 3DMark is shown in the screenshot.

Work offline the Smartphone has a battery capacity of 3000 mAh. In the background energy consumption is very low — impact good optimization of the firmware. In normal use it will easily last for two days, and if you watch the YouTube video in non-stop mode, it discharged an average of 8 hours. A corresponding result was obtained when all wireless modules and the average brightness of the backlight. Quite good for budget. The smartphone does not support fast charging, but you can always map a network memory is more power. For example, from a complete charge at 1.5 amps the energy takes 2.5 hours, and 2-amp module will allow the smartphone to be charged already for 2 hours. With a more powerful memory experiment did not — if with a complete charge battery is not warmed, it of 2 amps heat was already very noticeable.

Pros BQ Strike Forward 5528L — compact dimensions; — metal body; — optimized firmware; fast Face ID and Touch ID; — triple the slots for SIM and microSD; — the IR port, the system noise suppression; modern OS; — loud sound; — the front facing flash.

Cons BQ Strike Forward 5528L — microUSB instead of USB C; can adware AppsPress; weak camera.

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