BritBox, streaming service from BBC and ITV, has officially launched in the UK subscription costs £5.99/month ($7,69). But, unlike Apple TV+, launched last week with a directory of expensive new series (such as the “Morning show”) BritBox users will appreciate the new products until next year.

In a press interview the head of the BritBox Rome Sakan explained the lack of new original products in the starting directory service that the founders, the BBC and ITV decided to bet on the time-tested hits, such as the TV series “Downton Abbey” and “the Office” — and users of the platform are already available thousands of hours of such content.

“New original content is very important, but it is not the only factor in the attractiveness of the service. We believe that first and foremost brand awareness in the UK market and to establish business processes, in particular distribution. In addition, the production of high-quality original products is time-consuming. We decided not to wait another year until the changes would be ready, and to Express themselves before,” — told reporters Sakan.

She recalled that the first standalone product was the Netflix series “house of cards”, which started to show in 2013 — this service is not offered to the viewer original content. Sakhan also noted that Apple has a very specific content strategy — Apple TV+ presents exclusively new and has no content archived. “The ideal strategy in the rapidly growing segment of care does not exist and each player this market develops its own scenario of success,” added Sakan.

She also assured that the announcements of new products production BritBox will follow in the near future. The platform plans to produce six original series in the year that the founders allocate a big budget — it is known that only from the ITV investment in manufacturing amounted to £40 million In new projects BritBox will involve British actors with global popularity, and at the moment the platform thinks the casting.

Before the platform will launch a new series, in BritBox plan to experiment with promotion, broadcasting a new series of “Midsomer Murders” before the premiere on ITV and also showing exclusive licensing of new products — for example dark drama series “Lambs of God” produced by Australian company Foxtel with Ann Dowd and Essie Davis in the lead roles.

SOURCE: Deadline

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