In ITV and the BBC have confirmed that the service BritBox — the British answer Netflix will launch in Q4 2019. The subscription fee will be £5,99 (€6,67), about the same cost the cheapest fare Netflix.

Directory BritBox thorough — from modern British teleclasses like the TV series “Gavin and Stacey” and “Murder on the beach” newfangled “Gentleman Jack” and reality show “the Island of love”, plus other original content. Many series moves from other streaming platforms for the exclusive accommodation in BritBox, the first show of our own production will appear in the directory after the run.

The team of top managers headed by BritBox Rome Sakan, the current Director of the SVOD division of ITV, she will be responsible for the interaction of the service with the management of ITV and BBC on branding and content strategy.

Or rather, the main decision will take over the leadership of ITV (90% of the shares BritBox), BBC same (10% with an option to purchase 25% of the shares and attract additional investors) play the role of monitoring compliance with positioning and adherence to the business strategy.

The founders promise a complete lack of advertising on BritBox and I expect that subscription to the platform will be a valuable addition to the set of subscriber services that are paid for the average British viewer. The range of content promises to be as diverse as possible, subscribers will be available to thousands of hours of selected British TV.

“The launch of BritBox is a historic milestone, like modern, used to the streaming technology of the viewer, and for British television. For ITV and BBC, this area will become the new main channel broadcast our cultural values and achievements — both in the UK and abroad — says the head of ITV Carolyn McCall, Recognized classics, contemporary hits and top television series of the future will be available to the audience on the same platform. We are confident in the success BritBox — at least on a national scale. All the best that the BBC and ITV gave the viewer for the past 10 years, will be available in the starting directory service and hot premieres, and full seasons of the favorite TV series audience”.

Media industry analyst and CEO of Foresight Tech Paolo Peskatore called the news about the launch of BritBox long — awaited- and even slightly overdue: “it is Worth considering the position of competitors who believe Netflix has a very promising and preparing to start streaming platforms from Apple, Disney and other media conglomerates. However, the absolute winning advantage BritBox is low prices and high quality exclusive content. The key success factor of service will play a competent policy of the partnership and distribution in collaboration with the British providers of traditional broadcasting”.

SOURCE: Digital TV Europe

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