London resident Ian Russell believes that Instagram and Pinterest brought his daughter to suicide. After that about 30 British families also announced the deaths of their children through the fault of social media. The incident is already interested in the Ministry of health of great Britain. In the history understood the “360”.

Internet to suicide will bring

14-year-old Molly Russell was an ordinary British girl: inquisitive, cheerful and ambitious. The parents did not notice the child for signs of any psychological disorders, but in November of 2017, she was found dead in the bedroom. Doctors said the girl committed suicide.

Later her family found out that Molly was browsing sotssetyah materials associated with depression, inflicting self-damage and suicide. Father schoolgirl is convinced that the death involved in social networks Pinterest and Instagram, distributing illegal pictures and led to the desperate act of a girl.

“The more I studied the daughter of viewed pages, the more I ran goosebumps from horror. Pinterest have a lot to answer for,” said Ian Russell.

As it became clear, Pinterest contains a lot of pictures of people with self-inflicted wounds, clutched in the hands of suspicious pills and “suicidal phrases”. All this is available for viewing by children over 13 years old. In addition, a month after the death of Molly the portal sent her to mail a letter with the recommended selection of images. Among them was a picture of the thigh with a cut, accompanied by the caption: “can’t Even tell you how many times I wanted to die.”

Now Ian Russell requires the establishment of an independent regulator in the UK, which would have cleared the social network and Internet-related content 24 hours a day. According to him, under threat are absolutely all minors.

“If you watch a lot of pictures about sport, you will be given more and more sports content. The same applies to the self-harm and suicide,” explained Russell.

When the parents learned page Molly at Instagram, revealed that she had signed up for a account, where your avatar shows a girl with tied bleeding eyes hugging a Teddy bear. The picture was signed as follows: “the World is too cruel, and I don’t want to see him.”

According to the father, Molly had access to a large amount of content that is of concern. In particular, the girl was signed on the accounts of people suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.

“A lot of the content was very positive. Perhaps a group of people who are trying to help each other out, give advice on how to stop hurting myself But the other part is absolutely shocking, calling for the harm. I have no doubt that Instagram also influenced the decision of my daughter to commit suicide,” concluded Russell.

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He explained that in social networks there are posts talking about lack of hope and calls to join this or that club users in a depression. Once reviewing several similar posts, Instagram will give the user similar pages in the recommendations.

When the history of the John Russell learned public, it became clear that he is not alone in her accusations. According to the charity Papyrus, which aims to prevent child suicide, turned to them for 30 families. They also suspect that the social network has led to the death of their children, reports The Sunday Times.

The reaction of the authorities

The situation concerned and to the health Minister Matt Hancock. He warned Internet giants that if they don’t react in the Britain can make new laws to prevent contact of children with “horrific images” on the Internet. According to the head of the Ministry, “the time has come for Internet service providers and social networks to become more active and remove that content once and for all”.

The head of the Ministry of health sent letters to Facebook (owner of Instagram), Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Apple and Google. He stressed that as the father of three children have experienced the horror of learning about the history of Molly and gave to understand that grief Ian Russell forced him to intervene.

“Molly was only two years older than my own daughter, and I feel a great concern about the protection of children. Molly’s parents feel such sorrow that does not wish to anyone. Any suicide is a death that can be prevented, and Molly was no exception. I was inspired by the courage of her father, who speaks about the role of social networks in this tragedy,” the letter reads.

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According to him, the government is preparing initiatives to “eliminate all kinds of damage in the Network” including content about suicide and self harm in social networks. The main purpose of the Minister to set to make the UK “the safest place for online communication”.

“Let me clarify the situation, we will introduce new laws where deem it necessary”, — said the Minister.

To appeal to the head of Department has already responded in Instagram. In a press-service of the company said that “many young people for recovery, it is important to discuss their mental problems and to communicate with other people who were struggling with similar problems”. From other companies statements has not yet been reported.

Over the last 20 years in the UK has almost doubled the number of hospitalizations due to self-harm among girls under the age of 18 years. So, if in 1997 there were hospitalized 7327, then in 2017 the hospitals were already 13463 girls.

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