In the evening digest “Kazan reporter” tells about the events of the city and Republic by the end of Thursday, 2 August. Figures of the Federal tax service (FTS) has published the data about Russian companies, which also led statistics on the number of state companies in the country. It turned out, the biggest players are located in Tatarstan and Moscow. In the suburban company, based on reporting, work 679,5 thousand people. In Tatarstan — 638,9 thousand people. For comparison, in the Russian “Gazprom” are 469,6 thousand employees. And Apple, for example, work 116 thousand employees, which is 6 times less than in Tatarstan, OOO “Gorillaman”. The story of the Tatarstan business giant could be proud of. However, the General Director “Gorillaman” hastened to assure, statements on the error crept in. Why the tax was wrong, he could not explain. Suburban businessman, incidentally, also stated that in the staff offices he is one and no giant is not. In FNS error has not yet commented. RT OFAS initiated a case against “Glavtatdortrans”. In management consider that 7 of the auctions of state institutions was carried out with violations — the winner was known in advance. The sources reported the arrest in a joint operation of FSB and Department of own security of the MIA RT, Deputy head of the criminal investigation Department and the Deputy head of the investigation, the Kazan OP “Guards.” According to investigators, police received a bribe of 1 million rubles. Ecology the Inhabitants of Nizhnekamsk reported in social networks about a strong smell after “night emissions” in the city. First citizens heard smell around 22:00 the night before and until the morning, according to them, the stench made itself felt. Environmentalists received more than 20 reports of unpleasant odor. Taken air samples, the results of the study will be known in two days. The draft environmental impact assessment for construction of incinerators (IGC) on the environment in Tatarstan, approved by the company AGK-2. Day airborne Veteran of the great Patriotic war, one of the oldest of Russian paratroopers Paul Kuzmich Letnev is preparing for another jump. Your extreme jump 93-year-old veteran has made this year may 11. The next landing is scheduled for next Saturday, of course, if you do not fail weather. The police unsuccessfully tried to block the March of the paratroopers in Kazan on Bauman street. The procession was interrupted twice, but each time the guards were going back into the column. City On the waterfront of lake Kaban 4 August film screening under the open sky. Viewers are promised a series “backyard movie”, where works ranging from documentary to play in a transitional format. Choreographer, laureate of “Golden mask” Nurbek Batulla during the Grand opening of the eighth world forum of Tatar youth in “Korston” told about creation of the Tatar theater projects — really bold and crazy. The Committee of the Republic of Tatarstan for the protection of objects of cultural heritage located in the building on Pushkin, 66/33. Now here is the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan.


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