The new owners are going to start online shop in 2020, where you can buy different Souvenirs and other products.

“We are now in the process of creating a technology company for $50 million, which will easily overtake Apple,” said Next Web CEO Escobar Inc Olof Gustaffson.

In addition, the store will sell flamethrowers. Now Escobar Inc is preparing a lawsuit to the American businessman Elon musk. In their opinion, the company is Mask The Boring Company completely copied their idea of a flamethrower.

“Elon Musk will go down. We’re doing some huge thing against it. He’s sorry he didn’t pay us,” added chief operating officer of the company Daniel Reitberg.

Pablo Escobar — Colombian drug Lord. In the late ‘ 80s, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $3 billion he was killed in Medellin on 2 December 1993 during the RAID by the Colombian police.

In 2015, streaming service Netflix has released a series Narcos (“Narcos”), in which the character Escobar (played by the actor Wagner Moura) has become a Central character for two seasons. In 2014, Roberto Escobar founded the company Escobar Inc, and in 2016, demanded the service $1 billion for illegal use of content.

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