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During my life I tested a few dozens of smart watches and bracelets. With some long gone, some could only test a week for review. Saw the formation and the death of Android Wear, how to start Apple Watch and much more in wearable electronics. And I like that this segment survived the crisis and is now on the market there are new gadgets. A couple of months ago I decided that I really missed wrist devices and decided to buy something interesting. Because my primary phone — Sony Xperia XZ3, no Apple Watch speech could not be, but I found that there is an interesting Amazfit Bip from Huami, units of Xiaomi, but it does not matter in which a reflective screen like the Pebble (if you remember it). The functionality I was missing, for all it was necessary to use smartphone, in fact, Bip is such a smart bracelet with a large screen. And I needed a watch, so the choice fell on the Verge, round the clock (and I have long dreamed about such, since the days of the Moto 360, which until 2019 did not live) with tons of features. About them and tell.

Smart watch Amazfit Verge

Appearance Amazfit Verge

Look of the watch is quite simple, but beautiful, no wonder this year, Verge has received awards for design IF Design Award and 2019 Red Dot Design Award. The design is rather sporty than premium. Rubber non-replaceable (almost) strap, rubberized case, in General, to wear with a business suit can be, but then it chucks need to wear. Overall, this corresponds to the strategy Verge sharpened by the sport and it would be strange if they had a metal case and leather strap. The company is a model of the Stratos, a little more expensive, but I hope that someday I can at least hand hold it.

Appearance hours Amazfit Verge

The screen is 1.3 inches and, of course, multi-touch, so the buttons here is the only one Home, which returns the user to the home screen activates the backlight of the display, but when you long press disables or enables the clock. Of items next to the button there is a microphone for voice calls. And on the opposite side speaker.

On the reverse side of the watch is the heartbeat sensor. There are four contact hours to charge. They are charged, by the way, quite quickly, in about an hour. But have to do it every 3-4 days. I am quite widely used gadget, and 1 day clock runs down about 25 percent. After Amazfit Bip, which can hold a charge for more than a month, the pattern of usage I don’t really like, but on the other hand, and opportunities in Amazfit Verge more.

The heart rate sensor and contacts for charging at Amazfit Verge

Despite the fact that I said that the strap of the watch irreplaceable, you may withdraw. In fact, it can be replaced, only to find a suitable unlikely to succeed, look for any other band would be pretty foreign. But if suddenly something happens with what is in the kit, can be bought to replace another of the same.

Removable strap hours Amazfit Verge

And, of course, is worthy of a separate display. Unlike reflective in Bip (when it is visible only when exposed to light or backlight), is there a standard and familiar AMOLED. It is quite bright and even the sun can be disassembled. The appearance of the screen can be selected. Moreover, if at the start there were only 13 dials, over the last couple of weeks arrived a few updates and there was added some more. My favorite is the photo above because there are all information and large numbers of clock itself, but you can choose for every taste. I think over time the dials will be even greater.

Despite the fact that the watch is protected from water and dust according to IP68 standard, the network users is not recommended to swim and bathe for hours, but short-term contact with water while washing hands, for example, won’t hurt them. I, in any case, to swim with the watch did not, sorry.

To buy a watch Amazfit Verge on TMALL

Opportunities hours Amazfit Verge

Sense hours without a phone, of course, is not enough. Nevertheless, much more than a cheaper version of Bip. In principle, you can safely go to do sports only to the clock, they have Bluetooth and can connect any headphones, though Sony WH1000-XM3. That’s just the music will not take from a streaming service, and upload files directly to Verge. Perhaps this is the only thing Android Watch, which I miss, it was possible to upload tracks with Google Play Music. By the way, if you listen to music from your phone, your watch will show the control panel, and it is absolutely unimportant that it will be for the app: Yandex. Music, Google Play Music, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube Music, YouTube Video or embedded player.

My main case is a notification on the watch, not to get the phone. I read them in mail (at least the beginning of the letters), the notifications in Facebook and chat rooms, mention in social.networks and much more. Again, unlike Amazfit Bip, here it is much more convenient and, importantly, all the fonts are beautiful and even the emoticons are processed. Overall, I’m now far less likely to get the phone out of his pocket. Moreover, if a call comes in, the answer may be too hours. However, if not connected to a headset, to talk you have to like James bond, right in the arm.

Alarm clock lets you set the clock, sleep statistics and activity to watch — also, start the heart rate measurement, even set up a Wi-Fi connection to sync without a phone, all you can do for the wrist gadget. The watches themselves are able to determine the type of activity and even know how to understand if you climb the stairs and deduce the number of floors as a separate indicator. Of course, they measure steps, distance and calories burned, but this is so standard options that they even say no. Verge support 12 modes of athletic training, which includes running, walking, climbing, tennis, skiing, football, Biking, playing on the elliptical trainer, etc. To build the route Jogging watches use GPS and GLONASS.

To work with your smartphone need the app Amazfit. Somehow, part of the gadgets Amazfit quietly synchronizes with the Mi Fit app, and the part requires a separate application. This slightly breaks the pattern, but luckily my scales have joined Amazfit, so I just gave up on the Mi Fit. But I still do not understand why we can not all be combined into a single ecosystem. Moreover, Mi Fit allowed to download statistics in Google Fit, but Amazfit allows you to send data in Strava and WeChat that for Russian users almost useless.

The application can also select dial, set your alarm and look at the statistics. Honestly, the last time in the app I go only to find the watch somewhere to put them and can’t find it. Basically, all you can see on the clock, but sometimes it is interesting to study the statistics of dream on the big screen.

To buy a watch Amazfit Verge on Aliexpress

Experience Amazfit Verge

Despite the fact that I tested for many hours, neither one I could never get used to. It is too large, too heavy. But Amazfit for the second model, which falls into the hands, I’m ready to wear it not taking off. Light, comfortable, and most importantly — functional. Upsets me only in the Verge work. I used to charge the phone every night, but Bip has taught me to put the watch on charge once a month, and yet this point is annoying me. There are, of course, Verge and Verge younger version of Lite, which has no Always-On (when the screen always shows the time), there is no microphone, speaker and built-in memory for music. But to use a stripped-down version just to watch held up to 20 days as you do not want.

Well, the second point is, of course, the ability to make purchases. While Apple is hard at promoting the payment with the Apple Watch, somehow sad that Android hours Google Pay almost no. Hope that in future versions hours Amazfit will be built.

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