This month at WWDC, Apple spoke about the consolidation services Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in a single app Locator (“Find My”). The new application appears in the iOS 13 this fall, and until that is available the second beta version of the OS for developers.

It seems that merging the two services into one has passed, Apple is not completely smooth. As reported by one of the participants in the testing program iOS, the app allows you to locate and take action with other people’s iPhone. A user under the name enoughowl10 posted on the forum Reddit a screenshot of your iPhone screen with the app “Locator” showing the wrong device.

According to the user, all the devices were placed in a two-block radius from him. Which iOS versions are installed on them, is unknown. However, enoughowl10 suggested that these are unlikely iPhone running iOS 13, because in his area are mostly older people. If we are talking about iOS 12 and earlier versions, the problem is unlikely related to new functions in the “locator”.

According to some users, the problem may be a new mode in the application to determine the location of the missing iPhone even when it is disconnected from the Network. A locator sends an encrypted Bluetooth signals to other devices, which in turn forwards them to Apple, but Apple — already by the end user.

The idea is that to decode the signals may be the only device connected to the same iCloud account that your lost iPhone, and the intermediate devices only perform the role of transmitters. However, it seems that the function is not working as it should.

In the case of enoughowl10 him were visible location two iPads, one iPhone and a smart watch. The device was displayed on screen for 30 seconds, and then disappeared. According to the assumptions of some users, the icons could be a phantom and not a real display device.

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