“The decision of this major operator like MTS on the project “MTS. Investment“ and other operators, such as Beeline, MegaFon, Tele2, can be called ideal for companies in the current environment of the economic cycle of the country.

In the current prospects of a slowing economy in the coming years, and when the current position of Russia on the foreign market (which are growing concerns about the devaluation, in the absence of wage growth and inflationary pressures), at the current level of development of the investment banking sector, as well as when restrictions on the activities of brokers who are previously actively offered investments in different assets the development of such projects is very important. Because informed in the information field in Russia is a brokerage company was the main driver for attracting interest in the shares of companies such as Apple, to the Western indexes and other foreign assets.

However, at first, the development of these projects, the availability and ease of investment through the mobile phone, without complicated procedures is the ability not so much to attract new customers for companies, as operators have to compete with a very strong Tinkoff Bank, whose service has developed as one of the options of earning a Commission per transaction, or fees for opening accounts. That is, some increase in corporate profits will occur not so much due to the volume and amounts of investments, or increasing the customer base, but rather due to user activity and possibly Internet traffic”.

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