China has blocked the Microsoft search engine Bing, despite the fact that he has complied with the laws of the PRC and filtered content at the direction of the current government. It is not excluded that the Communist party intends to completely abandon the services of Western companies because of its strained relations with the United States.

The end of American influence

Search engine from Microsoft, Bing has been blocked in China, reports the Financial Times. It was the last foreign search engine operating in China, after Google left the country in 2010 because of a conflict with the authorities.

Thus, Microsoft is becoming another American techcompanies, which closed access to the Chinese market because of censorship in the country — the so-called “great firewall.” The last time restrictive sanctions Beijing in 2017 touched messenger WhatsApp, owned by Facebook. Social network itself is blocked in China for the past ten years.

“We confirm that Bing is blocked in China. Trying to determine next steps,” said a Microsoft representative.

According to statistics, as of December 2018, the share Bing only accounted for 2% of all search queries Chinese citizens. For comparison, industry leader Baidu, this figure is 70%. Nevertheless, Bing was the only search engine working in English.

Two sources familiar with the matter also confirmed to the FT that access Bing has been limited by the decision of the Chinese authorities. The reason is the presence of “illegal content” on the website, which is a standard reason for blocking foreign companies in China.

Unusual in this story is the only one Microsoft has for many years complied with Chinese laws and dutifully filtered traffic at the request of the authorities, which allowed the company of bill gates longer than their competitors to remain on the market.

In addition, programs from Microsoft, including Windows operating system, is commonly used in China.

By order of Beijing, Microsoft has even developed a special version of Windows for the Chinese government.

In January 2019, the company opened its research center in Shanghai.

However, it has not helped Microsoft keep your search engine. Experts believe that the reason for the sudden change of mood may be the deterioration of relations between the US and China, as well as the ongoing trade war.

“While the tension between America and China is growing, the blocking of sites by telecommunications companies commissioned by the state demonstrate that China can ever refuse the presence of foreign players in the market”, — said the chief consultant of the investment company BDA China Duncan Clark.

According to him, governments rarely goes down after started to tighten the screws.

In early January of the current year it became known that the United States intends to restrict the activities of telecommunications companies of China in the country.

According to sources, is currently an Executive decree imposing limitations for those companies in the telecommunications sector that are relevant to the Chinese authorities and doing business in the USA is done for reasons of national security.

In turn, earlier, the Chinese court decided to suspend sales in China, seven models of iPhone smartphones American company Apple. This exchange of sanctions continues from the beginning of a trade war, and end it is not visible yet.

Employees for bargaining

In December last year on suspicion of violating anti-Iran sanctions in Canada, was arrested the financial Director of Huawei and the daughter of the founder of the company man, Banjo. The arrest was made at the request of the American side.

At this moment, the woman is awaiting trial and possible extradition to the US under house arrest. She wears an electronic bracelet and is required to observe a curfew.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has declared its readiness to “intervene” in the case of man, Banjo if it will benefit America. Former U.S. Ambassador to China Max bokus said in an interview with CNBC that attempts to mix trade dispute with the national-security Affairs will only hinder the extradition process.

“Donald trump has offered to cancel the extradition of man, Banjo in exchange for “good behavior” of China. This is a big mistake,” said bokus.

According to him, when the top leadership voiced their thoughts on anyone, it only creates additional difficulties for the Prosecutor. Bokus believes that trump is unduly politicizing the case of man, when in reality we are talking about violation of legislation in the sphere of trading activities.

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