The ninth of August, Samsung announced the flagship Galaxy Note 9, but buyers don’t care. According to a survey by PC Mag, all waiting for the new iPhone.

In the survey participated 1 555 consumers, they asked the release of smartphone they expect the most. About 42% of respondents said that they expect a new iPhone, and 24% – on the Galaxy Note 9. On the third place in the list of the most anticipated smartphones rose Google Pixel 3, followed by LG and OnePlus V40 6T.

Most anticipated smartphones Apple – iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone iPhone SE XI and 2.

But Samsung has reason to be happy: although 76% of the people who are waiting for Note 9, already own a Samsung device, eight percent indicated that they currently are iPhone users. This means that Samsung may entice some fans of the iOS to Android this year.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9, at a press conference this week. In addition to the flagship, the company has revealed a new competitor Apple Watch Galaxy Watch and the enemy HomePod – Galaxy Home. To increase sales, Korean IT-giant is touting Note 9 and laughs at the iPhone X.


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