While analysts can’t predict exactly when the iPhone will get support 5G networks. However, Reuters reports that next year, Apple plans to begin using 5G-Qualcomm’s chips, but in 2021, the company intends to move to its own components.

Sources say that cupertinos want to abandon third-party solutions gradually. Thus, Apple is planning to eliminate a number of problems and guarantee that its products will work in all networks and countries where they are sold.

According to another source, the agreement between Apple and Qualcomm will operate a further six years, and the supply of modems will continue throughout this period. The expert believes that the cupertinos will continue to equip the top-end iPhone chips from Qualcomm, and cheaper and older models will gradually be translated into the modems of its own production.

Both sources agree that Apple is not yet ready to release its decision. Work on the modem is still far from complete. However, the purchase of the greater part of modem business, Intel needs to speed up the process. Moreover, a large number of patents that are part of the agreement, can greatly simplify Apple’s implementation process 5G modems in their devices.


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