Rosobrnadzor and the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements (FIPI) plan trust check the results of the unified state examination (CSE) artificial intelligence by 2030.

“It is possible to replace the reviewer detailed answers of experts in artificial intelligence is not the goal, but a natural and gradual technologization of all processes of the exam. Prior to the introduction in a regular mode, any changes will undergo wide public and professional discussion and re-testing,” – said the newspaper “Izvestia” Rosobrnadzor.

According to the newspaper, at the moment, artificial intelligence examines only the test task, and detailed answers to the open questions check 40 thousand experts.

The developers of the exam are planning to completely abandon paper forms by 2030, and exams in all subjects you can donate using the tablet or other gadgets.

Earlier the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov reported that, from 2019 students will take the exam on Informatics in electronic form.


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