It is no secret that at the moment Apple is one of the most expensive public companies in the world. Now the market capitalization of Apple giant is more than $ 1 trillion. However, the Financial Times decided to demonstrate how “big” is the capitalization of Apple.

At the moment, Apple’s market capitalization is of 1.17 trillion dollars. For this indicator, the iPhone maker bypasses all energy companies entering in S&P 500 index. The cost of the latter is estimated at $ 1.12 trillion dollars.

Journalists from the Financial Times pay attention to the fact that this year was very successful for Apple. In 2019 the shares of Apple company rose by 70%. At the same time, the energy sector amid falling demand for natural resources shows no such high figures.

Recall that the market capitalization of Apple has reached the coveted mark of $ 1 trillion in August 2018. However, long retain this indicator, the cupertinos are unable. Before the announcement of the iPhone 11, the average capitalization of Apple was kept in the range of 950 billion dollars.


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