American photographer Greg Benz complained to the authorised service centres of Apple, which forced him to spend to repair a MacBook the whole 10 000 dollars. It’s 10 times more expensive than its original price, but even that this story is not important. And the point here is that the laptop itself was not broken — it all time to function properly, while experts for the client’s money trying to troubleshoot.

This certainly will not happen in the Russian service centers (source: So, the bottom line is that once the MacBook Greg has ceased to output to the display, though the laptop itself worked, the OS was loaded, sound played, and so on. The servicemen sentenced many parts, and none of them didn’t think to check the display. In the end, the photographer had to change twice the motherboard on the laptop, all cables and ribbon cables and a number of other components, and in the end he came to the conclusion that all his insides MacBook was new. The problem is not solved, and had to take a new MacBook to transfer settings from the old, but even that did not help — obviously working the laptop also refused to display a picture on the screen. In the end, one of the experts shined a flashlight directly into the display and saw the image, just very dark.

The problem, as it turned out, was simply that Greg turned off the lights of the matrix and, oddly enough, forgotten about it. According to him, he did it all the time when connected to external monitor screen — light base display prevented him from working. Total, a problem that cost him a lot of money and of course time, decided only a couple of taps on the right buttons of the keyboard. From here we draw a simple conclusion — the simple solution with high probability will be the most faithful. If Greg did not suffer the laptop in for repair, but only remembered his habit, in his wallet not would be a huge gaping hole, and his faith in the professionalism of the service-men the Apple would not fall through the floor.

We also recall that Greg, in principle, could not engage in self-repair of your laptop, as Apple prevents this, because the services give her the lion’s share of the profits. On the other hand, it is hardly an attempt to repair would lead to such spending — the maximum that threatened the photographer, so it’s just buying another laptop. We add that the backlight can be turned off and on laptops with Windows, so Apple has nothing to do with the incident irrelevant.

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