App Mobcrush allows you to start to stream a mobile game without a PC.

Professional streamers to broadcast the games live with the phone using special equipment that allows virtually no loss to transmit the image to the desktop. For those who do not wish to pay for additional cables and a capture device from $ 150, there are applications that allow you to stream directly to Twitch and YouTube from your phone.

Mobcrush is a great tool for Amateur streams. It can be used, for example, to capture how the office staff to “devour” each other in, or to hold a Hearthstone tournament. The user does not need to be installed on PC OBS and other programs for streams that do not understand “three minutes”.

Download Mobcrush in the App Store (free, no subscriptions).

How to use Mobcrush

Before starting to stream with Mobcrush, you need to make an account on Twitch and/or other platform to which you will broadcast.

You also need to activate the function “Record screen”. To do this, go to “Settings” —> “control” —> “Configure ale. control”, and here include the desired item.

By doing this, you can open Mobcrush. The application will require registration, which can be done using Facebook. Next, you will need to authorize the streaming platform selected earlier.

On the main page, programs need to specify the game that will be broadcast, and the name of the broadcast.

By doing this, you can start the game and start broadcasting.

How to start broadcast

• open control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the screen);

• hold down the “Record screen” until you see an additional dialog box;
• turn on the microphone;
• select Mobcrush.

After a few seconds starts.

To stop broadcasting, stop screen recording in the Control Center.

Advantages Mobcrush

• The program is very easy to set and begin to broadcast;
• it is possible to stream simultaneously to Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter;
• the application can specify the game name and the broadcast, and to make these data on all used platforms.

Disadvantages Mobcrush

• you cannot increase the bitrate of the broadcast — the picture “rolls”, if there are a lot of changes;
• do not insert “screensaver” at a time when the player switches from the game to another window.


Use external headset, or the MIC will catch every movement of the fingers on the body of the phone.

Before the broadcast, enable “do Not disturb” to the screen did not get the message of instant messengers and other Push notifications.

During the stream, the phone discharges quickly, so it is better to connect it to the charger.


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