Analysts believe that it is necessarily needed.

Analysts Gartner said the main reason for the problematic iPhone sales in 2018. According to experts, Apple is not paying attention to attract completely new customers, relying on users that are constantly updating the iPhone. In order to change the position the company needs to release a cheap iPhone.

Analysts pointed out that, as currently their smartphones are promoting a Chinese company. Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers regularly come out with new markets. Companies try to cover more consumers in China, India, Russia and Latin America. Basically it is impossible to make due to the release of a large number of smartphones that are considerably cheaper than the iPhone.

If Apple will release a significantly cheaper iPhone, then the company will be able to attract consumers on a budget. In Gartner pointed out that Apple never focused on the number of smartphones sold her this factor is not important. But in the current conditions of the global smartphone market, the launch of a new budget iPhone not required to establish records, and to preserve profits, analysts say.

Gartner experts believe that currently the best to falling smartphone market has adjusted to the Chinese company Huawei. The manufacturer has significantly increased their brand awareness over the past four years, including in Europe.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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