Which year Google makes a best accent during the presentation of the new flagship on the camera. So this time — according to the company, Google Pixel 4 boasts unprecedented results on the part of the photo. In the end, the search giant is all so intrigued with her smartphone with dual primary camera that journalists compared the Google Pixel 11 iPhone 4 c Pro until the test results DxOMark.

To do this, foreign media representatives took to the streets of London, where he spent the so-called “battle of the flagships”. What’s important, all pictures were taken at the same time, when the automatic mode using the default camera applications.

So, during snapshot day, both models demonstrated excellent results, however when shooting individuals the leader of the competitions was a fresh flagship Google. According to the journalists, it was made with the footage has turned out much more natural than those that were received on the iPhone 11 Pro. But the smartphone from Apple has shown a much better competitor when photographing fuzzy surface decorative pillows.

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