New best portable battery from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi company introduced the portable battery of the new generation. The novelty has received the name Xiaomi PowerBank 3: High Edition, capacity 20000 mAh battery and support fast charging with a power of 45 W, which allows to charge by powerbank even laptops. Xiaomi PowerBank 3: High Edition goes on sale January 11 at a price of 199 yuan (1973 rubles).

Xiaomi PowerBank 3: High Edition features a plastic body with a matte finish, in the spirit of previous external battery Xiaomi. Initially, the model will be produced only in black color, but as in the case with the previous models, in the future we should expect the release of Xiaomi PowerBank 3 in other colors.

The stated capacity lithium-ion battery 3 Xiaomi PowerBank is 20,000 mAh. In Xiaomi, as always, honestly warned that due to various losses during charging, the actual capacity of the battery is approximately equal to 13000 mAh. Note that other external batteries have a similar loss, but manufacturers often silent about it.

PowerBank Xiaomi 3 is equipped with three ports: two USB a, support charging power up to 12 watts and one USB-C with a tremendous maximum output of 45 watts. USB-C supports two-way fast charging, and due to the high nominal power can even be used to charge laptops.

To charge Xiaomi PowerBank 3 takes 11 hours. If you use the charging adapter 45-watt, 3 Xiaomi PowerBank will be fully charged in just 4.5 hours. Also, Xiaomi emphasized that the battery supports pass-through charging. This means that the user will be able to charge an external battery and connected device at the same time.

Sale Xiaomi PowerBank 3 in China will start on November 11, 2019. The price of Xiaomi PowerBank 3, as with previous models, traditionally small 199 yuan or 1973 of the ruble to the current exchange rate. It is expected that by the end of January Xiaomi PowerBank 3 will be available on AliExpress and will become available for purchase in Russia.


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