Russia released the iPhone 11 Pro with a particle of the moon and of the spacecraft “Vostok”. This was reported on the manufacturer’s website — Caviar.

Among other things, the company is engaged in the decoration of the buildings of smartphones American Corporation Apple. The latter presented the iPhone 11 Pro 10 Sep. On her website they are from 89,99 121,99 thousand to thousand rubles.

The most expensive iPhone 11 Pro, decorated Caviar cost 3 313 200 rubles, were issued in one copy and already had someone else bought.

When finishing a model Universe Diamond was used topazs, rubies, diamonds, gold, a fragment of the spaceship that left the Earth’s orbit, and the piece of the moon. All this is inscribed in the miniature Solar system with a mechanical watch with tourbillon.

Model Vostok-1 is also released in a single copy. She’s still available for purchase for 2,129 million rubles. Part of her body is a fragment of the spaceship “Vostok”, which was delivered into space the first man — Yuri Gagarin.

Part of the model Titanic is a genuine fragment of the ship “Titanic”. It is 437 thousand, and issued in an edition of 10 copies. The Soyuz, which is 339 thousand, — a fragment of the space ship “Soyuz”.

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