Yesterday became available to developers iOS 13.2 beta 3, 13.2 beta and iPadOS 3. Traditionally, public Assembly Apple is expected to release in a few days.

Accurate information about what innovations were made in the next test builds, not now. In the description of the new beta versions provided that work was carried out to improve the stability and performance of operating systems. You can also assume that Apple has continued to fix bugs found in previous releases. Despite the lack of information about innovation, Apple has done some work. It suggests the weight of the assemblies, depending on the models, it is in the range of 250 MB.

Recall that together with the release of the first beta version of iOS 13.2 the owners of the latest Apple smartphone was made available imaging Deep Fusion, which significantly improves the quality of the photos. In addition, the second version of IOS users now have access to over 200 new emojis.

Accurate information about when will be the final release, yet. It is assumed that it is scheduled for the end of this month.


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