Apple has created something unique.

Developers of the popular lenses Halide learned camera iPhone XS and XS iPhone Max and find out what is their key feature. As it turned out, Apple made a major bet on software improvements in the camera of its new smartphones, achieving truly impressive results.

iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max are beginning to take pictures, as soon as the user opens the Camera app, without waiting for pressing the shutter button. When the user takes a photo, smartphones collected a series of many separate images with different exposures and the process of selecting the best frames. For a split second iPhone XS iPhone XS Max process hundreds and sometimes thousands of images. Selected images are combined together, which produces a photograph with a higher dynamic range and maximum number of displayed items.

This unique process of shooting on the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max has one drawback, which Apple, however, managed to cope. When taking on a new smartphone using a strong noise reduction, clearly visible without interpolation. To make hundreds of shots per second is impossible without the active use threshold. But this problem is solved with the new Smart HDR mode which completely removes the images from the effects of noise.

Leading experts Halide believe that the iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max started a new era of “computational photography”. So much impressed by the software enhancements in the camera of the new Apple smartphones.

Also Halide are sure that thanks to the improved cameras the iPhone with the help of unique technologies, Apple is what sets their smartphones compared to other. While the company’s competitors are increasing their resolution and be equipped with smartphones that have a large number of cameras, Apple is creating unusual solutions that nobody will be able to repeat.

Source: Halide.


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