Camera strap smart watch is not a new idea: recall the “smart” clock Samsung Galaxy Gear. However, in this decision, the camera was in a fixed position, which obviously presents some difficulties (to send the camera to get a good shot, can be tricky). Possible solution found Apple — it recently received a patent that describes a wrist strap smart watch with built-in camera that can be directed almost arbitrarily.

According to the patent, the camera will be built into a special part of the strap, at the end of this part you can extrude and rotate to get a good shot. The concept assumes that the camera can be on both sides of this part and will allow you to obtain a 360-degree video. When the camera is not used, the segment can be located over the rest of the strap around your hand.

Of course, in this case it is only the patent — makers will apply this decision in a future Apple Watch, is unknown.

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