According to the newspaper “Cancao” 25 Feb, trump became concerned because of the looming competition in the field of 5G.

As reported by foreign media, February 21, trump turned to telecommunications corporations, urging them to expedite the creation and implementation of 5G. On Twitter he wrote: “I Hope that soon the US will be available throughout the connection 5G, maybe even 6G. Compared to the current system, it will be more powerful, fast and high-tech. U.S. companies should hurry, otherwise we risk being left behind. And in this area we lag does not have”.

Trump said that “this is the wave of the future. I hope USA can win this competition and not to put obstacles to development of modern technologies. We should be first in all that we do, especially when it comes to disturbing the minds of many of the world of science and technology!”

Society surprised by this behavior trump. As reported by our journalist fellow, Department of American studies China Institute of contemporary international relations Li Zheng, trump is not knowledgeable in matters of science and technology, he lacks experience and professionalism. He builds statements on the basis of newspaper headlines. Recent statements trump — the result of his own reasoning, based on the recent publications of the White house in the field of science and technology and signed the laws in the field of artificial intelligence. Now the United States is working on the drafting of the state budget, and we see that large sums will be included in the development of new industries. The market regarded the impropriety 6G as the expectation of the trump of accelerating development of advanced technologies. About the insufficient level of development of the 5G technology also says the violent reaction to the statement of the trump on the Internet.

As it became known, the United States has rich experience in the field of 5G, their competitive advantage is the technology of direct signal transmission and special chips. The chip produced by American companies “Qualcomm” (Qualcomm) and Intel (Intel) are in demand around the world. The U.S. has the edge in ultimate equipment, example is the company “EPL” (Apple). However, for some indicators, the U.S. is clearly lagging behind. Before the 5G technology in the US has paid insufficient attention to. Due to the fact that many Western countries, including the United States, believed that communication technology is unprofitable, many working in this field of enterprise, and felt the lack of funding, too late, recovered and started the developments in this field.

Events in Paris in honor of the 100th anniversary of the end of world war I

According to some reports, some telecommunications companies launch a 5G system in some cities, while others only plan to start this process by year-end.

For America, the time goes too quickly. An increasing number of countries enter into a 5G competition. Recently reported that this race entered and Russia. In his address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin said that in the coming years the whole country will go to high-speed Internet and 5G connectivity. Specialists Norwegian telecommunications Corporation believe that in 2019, some areas will be connected to 5G in the test mode.

According to Li Zheng, the link 5G is not the last word in modern equipment, but it can be commercialized in the future. The strategic importance and impact of 5G will be defined gradually. Perhaps many believed that 5G is not much different from 2G, 3G or 4G, but now it became quite clear that the future is impossible to imagine without communication 5G or even 6G. And the work of artificial intelligence and normal programming will be performed using 5G or 6G, so the country began to show such interest in the technologies of wireless transmission of information.

Who heads the market for 5G?

According to the newspaper “Cancao” dated February 22, South Korean media reported that the Minister of strategy and Finance South Korea’s Kim Dong-Yong on 20 February said that next month the country will become the world’s first, switched to Internet 5G. As reported by the Agency “Yonhap” (Yonhap), February 20 in Seoul held a meeting of senior officials on issues of innovation, on which Kim Dong-Yeon, and made the above statement.

During the Olympics in Pyeongchang in 2018, wireless Internet access and fixed telephony were provided by the company “K. T. Corporation” (KT Corporation) then was first used 5G technology.

It is reported that the data transfer rate when using 5G 40-50 times greater than 4G LTE, thanks to the 5G technology will open up new business opportunities in providing communication services.

The control center KT Corporation is located near Seoul, in the city of Gwacheon. During a visit to the control centre, the Minister of strategy and Finance said, “5G Internet will be the basis for the fourth industrial revolution and the main engine of the new joint growth and development of all sectors”.

Kim Dong Yeon said that next month the South Korean government will publish a program about how to implement 5G technology in all sectors.

KT Corporation and two South Korean companies (SK Telecom and LG U+) have invested 3 trillion Korean won (about $ 2.6 billion) order for 5G, the Internet was available anywhere in the country.

The Minister of health and welfare South Korea moon-Hyun, PHE said, being in Quechee that the government takes the necessary measures to mitigate the law in the sphere of medicine and public health in order for the Korean firms operating in attractive industries, have not lagged behind their foreign competitors, such as the “EPL” (Apple) and Google (Google).

The Ministry of health and welfare also noted that in 2019, the South Korean government plans to increase the financing of enterprises, to introduce advanced technologies at 40 thousand plants. Such “smart plants” will work with the use of digital equipment and the Internet, which will improve the performance and safety of their employees.

In spite of “Huawei” “Samsung” has introduced a new emerging 5G phone at an unbelievable price

According to the newspaper “Cancao” 22 Feb, February 20 “Samsung”, the company for the production of cell phones, announced the presentation of the foldable mobile 5G “galaxy Fold” (Galaxy Fold), the price of which amounted to almost 2 thousand dollars.

Awareness of the crisis

As informs Agency “Reuters”, February 20 in San Francisco Samsung has announced that the new smartphone will arrive on April 26. When folded the screen is 4.6 inches, and the unfolded — 7.3 inches.

As it became known, this model was released, not to be outdone by its competitor, the company “Huawei”.

The representatives of Samsung announced that it has released a new generation smartphone, ahead of “EPL” (Apple) and “Saami” (Xiaomi) to keep their constantly diminishing market advantage.

In addition to the smartphone, within the framework of competition with the “Apple”, “Samsung” has introduced some accessories for your core products, including wireless headphone “Gelaksi Buds” (Buds Galaxy) with the function of wireless charging. This is the function that was supposed to be the “EIR.” (AirPods), but was never presented to the market.


The starting price of the smartphone “galaxy Fold” (Galaxy Fold) amounted to 1980 dollars.

“How much?!”, amazed February 21, force.

According to the Agency “associated Press” due to the fact that new smartphones cost so much, no one wants to buy, and it is unlikely “the galaxy Fold” can change this trend.

On the website of the Korean newspaper “Chunan Ilbo” said that the smartphone market is experiencing a downturn, the cause of which is the lack of innovation, which would, as before, to attract buyers. Most in need of innovation, “Samsung”, the leader in the smartphone market.

Aggravation 5G competition! There are new chips from “Qualcomm”

According to the newspaper “Cancao” of February 21, 19 February the largest supplier of mobile phone chips, the company “Qualcomm” presented chips “Modem” (Modem) of the second generation of mobile phones with 5G. This event further aggravated the situation of competition. By the end of this year, will begin introduction of higher speed wireless data transmission 5G.

The Agency “Reuters” reports that on February 19 “Qualcomm” expressed hope that by the end of this year or beginning of next mobile phones that support 5G will spread everywhere. Last year Xiaomi and some other Chinese mobile phone manufacturers began to use chips of the Modem of the first generation and produced a number of smartphones 5G. Creating chips of the second generation will allow to establish mass production of such devices.

The report said that the new chips were in agreement with the “Samsung” presented the day before the presentation of their new smartphones galaxy. “Samsung” and “Qualcomm” agreed to jointly introduce a phone 5G this year. According to analysts, presented this week 5G smartphone is a flagship model.

Competition in the production of chips high, and “Qualcomm” knows about it. Last month, the third biggest smartphone manufacturer Chinese “Huawei”, said that producing its own chips for its products. Samsung also produces chips 5G Modem 5100 Exynos and uses them in smartphones sold outside the US. Also in the second half of the year plans to introduce their chip company Intel (Intel).

It is reported that Korean and Chinese mobile operators plan to move to 5G this spring in the U.S., the transition is planned towards the end of the year.

China is eager to present its 5G smartphones at MWC
According to the newspaper “Cancao” of 20 February, 25 February, Barcelona hosted the largest exhibition of mobile industry “Mobail world Congress” (Mobile World Congress), which represented the first 5G smartphones.

Taiwanese media reported that on 19 February at the exhibition was presented for the first 5G smartphones “Samsung”, “Huawei”, OPPO and ZTE. ZTE announced plans to put its first 5G smartphone even before the show.

It is reported that according to plan in 2019 in China will be pre-commercialization of the 5G context, in 2020 it will be used everywhere on the mainland. Chinese companies producing smartphones, can not wait to go on the 5G technology. Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo have already made this important transition.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold

In this new field, companies are struggling, everyone wants to seize the initiative in their own hands.

The Taiwanese newspaper “Di Dzhi times” (DIGITIMES) from February 19, says that on the 5G and 4G frequency varies greatly, so if you move to 5G will need to rebuild the base station, the density of which will be increased four times. Therefore, the full transition to 5G is only possible after 2020 or even 2021.

Initially, the 5G smart phones was very expensive, because of this, in 2019 was scheduled relatively small sales volumes, so the suppliers of the processors, batteries and metal housings for these models, the year will be not too profitable.

It is expected that the demand for 5G smartphones will increase in 2019. The manufacturers hope that they will be able to surpass the functionality of the first 5G smartphones to gain a reputation in the market and ensure your brands awareness.

Only forward! “Huawei” took on a new project abroad

According to the newspaper, Cankao of 20 February, Hong Kong media reported that the largest Turkish cellular operator “Turkcell” (Turkcell) has agreed to create a basic 5G network in conjunction with the company “Huawei”.

18 Feb ua website Etnet has information that cloud network of the EPC will be the world’s largest primary commercial network, focused on 5G, is created with application of technology of CUPS and having a greater bandwidth.

According to information obtained by our correspondent, the technology of cloud base 5G network, which is “Huawei” will provide “Turkcell” (Turkcell), will give the opportunity to change their cloud network and improve the strategy for the transition to 5G. The creation of this network also means that the world’s first mobile operator has successfully started a transition to 5G at the level of software in the Internet, operation and maintenance.

It is reported that the technology CUPS is already used by the company “Huawei” around the world on a commercial basis, the system features an energy-efficient electricity consumption, the use of software architecture “Redi” (Ready) and easy to operate, maintain and use. This decision will allow mobile operators to make the transition with minimal costs and be one step closer to automation services.

Today, the “Huawei” has already signed more than 490 contracts for building cloud networks, making them flexible, durable and reliable, contributing to the spread of 5G technologies.

In addition, on 9 February in the Turkish city of Izmir hosted the opening of the first in Turkey store “Huawei” with a show room. Immediately after the opening of the store lined up a long queue of people wanting to buy products “Huawei”.

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