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Added in 2017, the audio player allows you to not only download music from Telegram channels (as it was before the innovation), but also to listen to it directly in the message box. The playlist is saved in the chat history and available even without Internet connection. Music bots are used for personalized search for the desired content and send a Telegram found in the results in private messages, where the user can listen to or download the audio file.

Telegram vs piracy

It is important to note that the creators of the messenger do not encourage illegal activity and did not set out to make the Telegram a pirate resource. The representative of the Telegram’s Markus RA in the message to users and moderators noted that the developers are aware of the increasing cases of copyright violations and working to improve tools in response to complaints from copyright holders. He also stressed that the company is on a par with Apple and Google operates on the principle of “zero tolerance”: verifies that all statements and confirming blocking of the intruder. Pavel Durov has repeatedly wrote on Twitter that, although the Telegram is built on the principles of liberty and privacy, he does not remove content for political reasons, and all calls for aggression, pornography, and copyright infringement is prohibited.

In his speech at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF-2018) the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov harshly criticized the messenger Durov for failure to provide encryption keys and also called a categorical Telegram pirate resource. If the experiment type in a General search messenger words like “film”, “Netflix” or “music”, you can be sure that on the platform of a huge amount of resources with movie and music content. Many of these channels will offer directly to download video and audio files, the legality of which is not always obvious.

According to media expert, President of the Association of Internet publishers Ivan Zasursky, the Telegram and there was not problem to be a pirate platform. Comments for Zassoursky explains this by the fact that the messenger has a clear goal: to become a full player in the global digital market. “Telegram is going to release its own crypto currency, which has already invested investors held U.S. securities Commission. It works in a global jurisdiction, and to become a refuge for pirates is not in its interest,” — said the expert. While Zassoursky also warns against hasty conclusions about the actual volumes of piracy in the Telegram.

Messenger is a closed environment. Outsiders can not see what data is exchanged between the users. Correspondence is encrypted so that no one sees that people pass each other. Now there are only assumptions, but there is no specific study that could determine the role of the Telegram in the pirate distribution,

Ivan Zasursky

In the absence of reliable statistical data, you can look at the famous cases where the Telegram has responded to complaints from rights holders. According to some media reports, the first channel lock and bots-distributors of the illegal content started in 2015 on demand Apple, Google and other international companies. Mainly for channels with music and links to torrents.

After updating the user agreement in 2016 complaints of copyright infringement have become more frequent. Thus, because of the claims of the holders Telegram was blocked bot popular pirate library of “flibusta sites” and a number of large channels that distribute the new episodes of the series and links to kinomomente. In 2017 for the treatment of Apple and Google was blocked by one of the first music channels “All fit pop” due to violations of the rights of Universal studios Music.

How effective these steps are a contentious issue. The musician of group “the Mare and Tropopause Toad”, the author of the YouTube— and Telegram-channel “All fit pop” Anton Vagin said why he believes that the methods of fighting piracy, which are used in the Roskomnadzor have become obsolete. “Then, as now, fighting illegal content, it is absolutely inefficient: in place of a remote link from new there are two. Since I am both a musician and a blogger, I can understand both sides of the conflict. On the one hand, in his works wants to earn. On the other — I don’t mind so more people could get access to my work, even for free. I understand why not everyone is willing to pay for digital content. There is no physical feeling that you gained something” — shared his opinion of Vaginas. From his point of view, platforms like Telegram and Rightsholders needed to create such conditions that the audience was much more convenient and nicer to listen to music legally than downloading it pirated resources.

CEO of music service FONMIX Brusnikina Valeria supports the view of Anton’s Vagina:

The appearance on the market convenient and easy to use solutions can significantly reduce the number of pirate sites. People are willing to pay for quality.

According to her, it confirms the international commercial success of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify. System subscriptions intuitive: a fixed payment once a month gives unlimited access to legalized content. No need to look for torrents, go for risky links and spending time on the complex mechanisms download. “For example, subscription to FONMIX connects users to a huge library of video and audioprojektai that entrepreneurs are free to use for a background registration of their establishments without worrying about royalties and fines,” adds Brusnikina.

According to the results of a survey conducted many creators of a musical Telegram-channels are either already actively using content from legal sources, either ready to do it, but don’t know how. Administrators @Tg_techno (over 5000 subscribers) explained that they find the channel your hobby and try to manually select any track from SoundCloud — streaming platforms for listening and distribution of music from independent artists. The channel Creator @muzyka (22 000 subscribers) also started a personal music blog, in which he laid out audiobook from YouTube, Shazam, “Yandex. Music” and bots Telegram. “With the growing number of subscribers I started to go the executors with a request to place their tracks. I’m listening to them and, if you like, post. Had to work with organizers of large concerts and festivals, and representatives of well-known musicians,” he added.

In some cases, the creators of the channels are not realize that violate someone’s copyrights. The administrator of a popular channel, “Nuclear tracks”, with 71 000 subscribers, gaining tracks from “Vkontakte” chat-bots. Moreover, the author was very surprised when I received a complaint from the copyright holder and the threat of blocking.

The problem of copyright protection of content from illegal copying and distribution applies not only to movies, music and books. In the Telegram there are often channels-doubles, copies of popular texts of the author’s channels and other sources. Such resources using unfair methods of promotion and to earn on advertising. If the complaints are major holders is clear — they can Lodge a complaint with Apple or Google directly in a Telegram or in an extreme case in court, what to do individual authors whose content was used without their consent? For such cases, messenger provides several ways to copyright protection. The first and easiest is to write to the administrator of the canal, which will remove suspicious post. This approach works when administrators are not aware that by posting material copied. You can also complain to the technical support for the entire channel, not the perpetrator, commenting in detail why.

Definitely called Telegram pirated platform difficult. Despite the technical conditions conducive to the spread of illegal content, the creators of messenger ensure that users comply with community rules and does not violate copyright. The creators of the channels are also expressed willingness to use legal materials, but don’t always know where to take them. One thing is clear: the currently used methods of combating piracy is ineffective. To better solve this problem you need to look for other approaches, including to introduce new ways of supporting artists, to create a comfortable technological conditions for access to content and encourage legal resources.

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