At the moment Apple is on the list of companies that are actively engaged in the development of unmanned vehicles or systems for such vehicles. In the past, the network appeared information about the fact that the number of test cars ahead of cupertinos many of its competitors. However, the big Park doesn’t mean that Apple managed to create the best solution.

By law all companies who are developing Autonomous cars are obliged to report all cases of involuntary disconnection of the autopilot. All these data are transferred to the Department of motor vehicles of the state of California and are public.

In fact, information about the number of disconnections of the autopilot allows to draw some conclusions as to how well one or the other system. For example, for the period from December 2017 to November 2018 drivers Apple had to take the control in their hands about 545 000 times, or approximately every 1.8 km.

For comparison, the leader of the company Waymo – this figure is about one intervention at 18 000 km. the Second result, the company’s Cruise – 8 327 kilometers, and locked the three leaders of the Zoox with the index of 3200 km.

It is difficult to say why Apple showed so poor results. It is not excluded that Apple’s system is still far from ideal. In addition, there is speculation that Apple is too complicated routes. However, even in this case, the result of Apple autopilot too low.


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