The choice of a radio for the car — the process is quite demanding. During the definition of the model should pay particular attention to its parameters, and ease of use.

General recommendations. Currently, manufacturers of audio systems for cars create a large number of models with acceptable cost, which is difficult compared even to Chinese manufacturers. If the choice stood between various “bells and whistles” and quality, to save time and nerves it would be better to choose the latter. A nice addition to this choice will be excellent quality sound effects and radio.

Almost all modern models of receivers have in their design the USB port. Its placement can be in front of the unit and in the rear. The second option is more convenient because of the front panel in this case nothing looks and not spoil the appearance of the device. Also in this case, it is possible to connect USB to standard connectors offered by the manufacturer of the car, and most often located in the most convenient and logical places. But car stereos are still a large number of other important functions.

The beginning of the test. Before you purchase a car stereo is to determine whether comfortable using the basic features of the system. It is also worth to test for proper operation of the volume control, the consistency of the location of the buttons change the frequency of radio waves and tracks the response speed of the sensor screen.

The picture quality in modern multimedia systems for a long time has a high level, the lack of on-screen visible pixels. Also the presence of the screen on the radio provides the ability to attach the rear camera, the inclusion of which occurs while setting the shift lever to the reverse position.

Radio Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB. Updated multimedia system Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB produced in the format 2DIN, has the appearance, in the style of the already existing gadgets, enjoying high popularity. Its appearance and design allow a good fit into the device interior to almost any car model. This system allows you to open ample opportunities for fans to use digital format, as well as smartphones and the services provided by the Internet.

The user interface is made in a comfortable modern style, and provides the ability to connect remote control and two video cameras. This model radio freely supports receiving broadcast in a digital format, and plays back audio/video streaming signal.

Capacitive touch screen diagonal of which is 6.2 inches, has a special protective coating ClearType, enables media playback of high quality. SPH-DA130DAB also supports a large number of media formats, including FLAC. The second feature is support for video formats MKV and MOV that allows video playback without any prior conversion. The presence of the NTFS file system allows you to attach to receiver media information, and view the video files larger than 4 GB.

Integration with smartphones. Those who have Apple iPhone can connect it to your entertainment system via the USB port. The result is the use of special technology CarPlay, which provides smartphone integration and ensuring the use of integrated and downloaded apps, for example, Navigator, 2GIS. Also available is the application interface of the voice assistant Siri, with the use of external sensitive microphone and built-in speaker system of the car.

Owners of smartphones, where the operating system is Android, will also receive the ability to control the music library on the screen of the Central device. To install additional software is not necessary due to already existing Android Connect. Simultaneously recharges the battery of the mobile device.

Reviews. According to the owners, who established themselves on the car radio, its main advantage is sound quality. Here’s one: “a Model of head unit Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB was installed on a Hyundai H1. During the installation process was a little tough, it took a further frame. Upon completion of the installation it was discovered that do not function as separate buttons on the steering wheel. After searching the Internet we find the universal adapter, the acquisition of which a cost of 3 thousand rubles together with the installation, after which everything started to work just fine. The acquisition of the same frame at a cost of 3600 rubles.”

Result. The sound level of this unit do not compare with other existing models. The level of radio reception is also high. In appearance feature is the presence of 6 different varieties of illumination.

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