Tonight was held a full release of Apple Card in the United States. Access to the service was received by everyone. Along with this has revealed some unexpected details from the Apple Card.

Back in early August on the website of the investment Bank Goldman Sachs, which is a partner of Apple, there was a user agreement Apple Card. It became known that the owners of hacked Apple’s smartphones will lose access to a virtual map and service. Today, however, it became clear that the Apple Card works well on iPhone with iOS 12.4.

But users should remember that Apple may block your card if they detect that you are using it on a jailbroken device. In addition, it is believed that in the very near future, the cupertinos will make changes to the service that will prevent the operation of the Apple Card on iPhone with jailbreak.

Recall that the Apple Card also cannot be used to purchase cryptocurrency, chips and lottery tickets. However, such restrictions are often found in the products of other American banks.


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