Ever since, has selected the trump, we see a picture of deconstruction of the world order. Here is wherever you spit. However, there is one nuance: it all started much earlier, only processes were disparate and not all of them proceeded in sight of the audience. Especially because again the noise is still blaring in my ears suckers who call themselves the world community: Freedom of information exchange, Freedom of enterprise, Freedom of movement of capital, Banking secrecy, Independence of the press. Freedom of movement of citizens. Well, this whole set, who poked the nose Isasecure.

And then it all somewhere began to fade. One after the other. Thus the introduction into the consciousness of Western man, feeling that all is well and the liberal order is not going away, spending money and man hours more than the entire military campaign of the 1939-45 years. They’re still chanting that everything is in order and necessary. In the most controversial cases, all blamed on terrorism. A recent and all — just in the interests of the country. Moreover, we know this country. It is, in fact, the one and only, who can afford to destroy the basic freedoms and to make it more and.

After all, how beautiful played a combination for the destruction of Bank secrecy — or it went over your head?

In 2008, Henry Cyber, clerk computer center of a major financial institution LGT in Liechtenstein offered BND — Federal intelligence service of Germany is to sell € 5 million CDs with databases — 1400 accounts of citizens of Germany, several hundred accounts of citizens of Switzerland and the UK. Germany demanded that the 14 banks in the world to disclose where you went and where the money came from German citizens with accounts in LGT. The bankers laughed exactly three months. But when Germany said it would close all their branches and correspondent, wavered and gave up.

And then there was the surgery, which was done on behalf of the proud journalists 11.5 million documents “Panama case”, but in fact the massacre of the concept of legal mysteries. Because there is no “journalistic investigation” was not, and was stealing the database of the firm Mossack Fonseca. Since then, hundreds of thousands of civil servants ensure that any pensioner in Dusseldorf did not put himself on the map unaccounted cash of € 100 and call it all “anti money laundering”. Well, of course — terrorism. Don’t forget about the fight against terrorism.

We assume that the banking secrecy was violated by the Germans. But what of the fact that making still Americans? And another great tool called SWIFT that is those countries which at the moment the US are considered enemies and terrorists. But such a convenient financial instrument — all of them happily began to use everything. Still to be sentenced — that is why some stupid country (usually begins on P) can’t create anything like that — and all because totalitarianism, poverty and buckles.

And then the Democrats began to lose elections and we wonder (actually, no) witnessed as former luminaries of freedom of speech and independent journalism has become a mouthpiece of party propaganda — and even so, that the newspaper “Pravda” never dreamed of.

Now they are preparing for campaign 2020, and the destruction of freedom of speech had already begun, the world of high-tech platforms — Facebook, Twitter and so on — they block not just fake news, but real activists and political and media figures, whose opinions could undermine the faith of the voter in the truth of the new marxista-Leninist doctrine. As if it now was called. Block forever such characters as Milo Giannopoulos and others with millions of subscribers. Only for the fact that they loudly and clearly oppose the dictatorship of good. Because, as said earlier the Russian Parliament, “democracy is the power of Democrats”.

And again, all the same pattern — worldwide spread — of course, voluntarily and happily — the next American technology, and all the happy Golden age of information exchange.

And then start carpet lock. And censorship. Even after that Moscow residents, of our provincial Pro-Americans, told us, “well, can’t possibly be to turn off SWIFT for Russian users”. And so happily, leaping laughing. And then the Americans cut off from SWIFT Iran. And suddenly it turns out that us corporations, especially among the most independent in the truest sense democratic and advanced, which looks all the world like an icon of the new economy, ready to fulfill any wish of the American government and intelligence services.

Last (but certainly not the last) example Corporation good Google at the request of the government just shuts off the Chinese Corporation Huawei from their services. While Huawei is one of the largest companies producing smartphones and its products, as well as Google, is prevalent worldwide. And its phones on Android buy those who do not want to use, e.g. iPhone, and millions of people.

American intelligence agencies have accused the Corporation Huawei, that its equipment is engaged in espionage, then took hostage a top Executive of the company directly on the territory of a third country, and then these locks.

Hardly Huawei — office white and fluffy, but when it turns out that Apple products and social networks — all as on selection American — spying on people all over the world, this information remains just information. Without consequences. Why? And because we can.

But what’s important to us? To understand that now there are no constraints to the framework type of illusory dreams that, “no one would dare to disable SWIFT, Windows, Google and go through the list” when there is such political or economic necessity. And it’s time to talk the talk, and do their own. Or at least not chmorit what’s already been done — for example brilliant Durov’s Telegram.

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