Updated app for smart Pro Trek Casio watches will add increased autonomy, new functions and improve the operation of the applications.

Battery performance was a weakness of last year’s model, so Casio has released a new software that, according to the company, will allow the clock to run longer. In the past year, my hours have been a standard mode in which they worked up to six days and monochrome, allowing to hold a charge for a month. Now users will be able to use your watch in color mode up to three days. In addition, black-and-white display now, in addition to the time will be displayed altimeter, barometer and compass.

At the IFA conference in Berlin Casio showed the model WSD-F30, which plans to increase its share of presence on the market of smart hours. Thus, the company wants to compete with the Apple Watch, which offer similar features and are market leaders.

According to Austin Kazami, Manager Casio, as operating system the new model will get Google Wear, and will be available in black, blue or orange colors at a price of 549 dollars. The start of sales of the company scheduled for late 2018 – early 2019.


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