Renowned Atelier Caviar, producing a custom version of the popular mobile devices introduced several new version of the iPhone 11 Pro. The novelties are made of expensive materials and is dedicated to Mike Tyson, Marilyn Monroe and Jesus Christ.

The main feature of the line smartphones Iron Mike, which is dedicated to Mike Tyson is a piece of good shape, located on the rear panel. It is noteworthy that the panel itself is made of titanium and engraved on it the profile of a famous boxer. At Caviar point out that they are planning to release 50 smartphones dedicated to Tyson. The most affordable version of the iPhone 11 Pro Iron Mike with 265 GB will cost users 5850 dollars.

The range of Superior dedicated to Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe. On the back of the phone is also a piece of the dress of the singer, and most of the cover is a picture of the lips. Smartphones Superior line of Marilyn Monroe look very stylish, and is perfect as a gift for a girl. However, the cost of the most affordable version of the iPhone 11 Pro with 64 GB of internal memory is 5100 dollars.

The most expensive of the new products from Caviar are two new exclusive smartphone from Credo line Christmas Star Diamond. In the decoration of their used gold and diamonds. Prices on machines dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ, starting at 130 $ 720.


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