The Caviar company known primarily for custom versions of popular smartphones. Usually the manufacturer does not hurry with the release of the more expensive models. Usually they come out a few months after the official announcement of the new devices. However, with iPhone 11, the company decided to go the other way. On the official website of Caviar is already possible to pre-order a unique version of the new Apple smartphone.

There are a few different custom versions of iPhone 11. Among them as relatively “inexpensive” models cost from 289 000 rubles, and the apparatus with the finish of the Universe Diamond with a price of 2 999 000 rubles.

Caviar does not disclose technical specifications of iPhone 11. However, the photographs custom models is clearly visible to the main camera with three lenses, which are arranged on a square platform.

It is expected that the official announcement of the new Apple smartphone will be held September 10. The exact date of its autumn presentation of the company Apple has not yet named. However, over the last few weeks from multiple network sources agreed that the iPhone 11 will be presented in the second week of September.


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