The Caviar company introduced in Russia in the literal sense AirPods Pro gold headphones space price. Caviar — Russian brand, specializing in the production of luxury modifications to Apple devices, most often iPhones and also Nokia cell phones.

From Caviar there are a whole range of Apple earbuds, and the most expensive is called AirPods Pro Gold Edition Case and earphone case is made of solid gold 750 stamp, and they are of 4.32 million rubles. Yes, many Russians will have a lifetime to repay the loan for a headset. Other versions of headphones are from 84 000 to 94 000. They differ in the colors and materials of the case — can be used in Python skin or alligator. These versions, by the way, is painted green, apparently, in mockery of Greenpeace.

Recall that the original AirPods Pro stand 21 000. And Yes, Apple is really trying to sell us headphones at a higher price than the cost of a full-fledged powerful smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. And Yes, in Russia really there are people willing to buy headphones in the loan how to be funny and simultaneously sad as it sounds.

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