Biphase tool from [comfort zone]

As part of a series Essential to cleanse the Italian beauty brand has released a tool for removing makeup. The new product is suitable for eye area and sensitive skin. The basis — oil, Japanese Camellia and betaine, which maintains an optimal moisture balance. Before using the tool needs to be shaken for mixing.

Essential Biphasic Makeup Remover from [comfort zone], 3 067 RUB.

Cushion-Aqua Glow from NARS

The brand has released Cauchon, whose purpose is skin hydration, moisture retention and protection from the sun. In addition, the composition includes the complex Triple-Force Anti-Pollution protection from adverse factors of environment. New creates a light translucent cover with a damp sheen.

Aqua Glow Cushion from NARS, 3 800 RUB.

CC cream for the skin around the eyes from Erborian

Slightly new tone and illuminates the skin, as well as caring for her. The structure includes a tiger grass extract to improve elasticity, brazilwood barbed and red algae to align relief, anti-fatigue peptide to relieve swelling. The cream can be used as concealer.

CC Eye from Erborian, 3 090 RUB.

Aroma Back to Paris from Eisenberg

The brand has updated the song was first released in zero. It has become more easy, juicy and citrus. The fragrance opens with energizing notes of bergamot, rhubarb, spice and black currant and pink pepper. Heart sound is one of the most beautiful of flowers — iris, violet, rose, Jasmine. The plume hear traditional, warm patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, Tonka beans absolute, vanilla.

Back to Paris from Eisenberg, 9, 000.

Intensive moisturizing and cleansing products from Dermalogica

The brand has released new items for dry skin, aimed at restoring and strengthening the lipid barrier. The composition of the moisturizer Intensive Moisture Balance Moisturizer is included probiotic complex algae Chlorella, and hyaluronic acid in combination with Echinacea, Centella asiatica and aloe Vera. Cleanser Cleanser Intensive Moisture created based on phytoactive substances from coconut and seed oil. and refreshing citrus extracts, palmarosa and Jasmine.

Intensive Moisture Balance from Dermalogica Moisturizer, 4 170 RUB.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Cleanser 4 816руб.

Collection Apple of Sodom from Ahava

The result is a 4-year study of the Israeli brand is a new line, the core of which is Sodom apples growing on the banks of the Dead sea. The fruits of this plant resemble apples, but they are actually hollow inside and they only have the seeds and the air that pulls thin peel. This plant contains a toxic milky SAP, which was usually used for the preparation of drugs. Mark is the first to bring stem cells from Sodom Apple and created a complex that fights deep wrinkles, firming and tightening the facial contours. The new line includes firming cream, night mask, filler for deep wrinkles and smoothing the skin essence.

Activating Smoothing of the Essence of Ahava, 3 965 RUB

Advanced Deep Wrinkle Cream from Ahava, 6 500 RUB.

Deep Wrinkle Filler from Ahava, 6 500 RUB.

Overnight Deep Wrinkle Mask from Ahava, 6, 890

Foam against hair loss Vichy

The novelty is aimed at combating hair loss in men. The structure includes components that stimulate the growth of hair and enhance thickness: yeast extract and aminexil ingredient that prevents the compaction of the collagen around the hair follicle and preserves tissue elasticity. The foam texture does not create stickiness and is quickly absorbed. Means no need to rinse.

Dercos Aminexil from Vichy, 2 401 RUB

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