Last year the Israeli company Cellebrite has created an effective solution to hack blocked Apple’s mobile devices. However, cupertinos rather quickly developed methods of resistance, aimed at protection of user data. Recently, the Cellebrite has announced the completion of work on the new “cracker”.

According to employees of the Israeli company, the new product called Premium the UFED allows you to hack the iPhone and iPad, running iOS 12.3. The principle of operation of the new device is not specified. However, it is also possible to bypass the security devices on the Android platform.

The main “consumers” of products Cellebrite include government bodies and law enforcement agencies of different countries. Typically, the devices of the Israeli company are used to access content on mobile devices of people who are suspected of committing crimes.

However, there are cases when products Cellebrite appeared on popular online auction sites. And it was with great discounts.


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