Today, the gadgets produced for the game industry, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the events of the game.

A special Desk under the computer is no longer needed, because you can just sit in a chair surrounded by monitors.

That’s what guided the creators of the Acer Predator seat Thronos.

“Tron” kind of looks like the interior detail, but more like something from the space shooter in the style of Halo. The height of the seat is 1.5 meters. The ergonomic seat is tilted to 140 degrees. In the “cockpit” can be set three 27-inch monitor in a circle, making Thronos is the ideal system for flight simulators. It also provides a place for PC Acer Predator. On the left is a control panel which allows you to adjust the angle of the chair and footrest. Inside there is a small Desk for keyboard, mouse and other peripherals.

Not a chair, but the dream of a gamer! But, unfortunately, this iron throne has its disadvantages. In the cockpit there is no Cup holders, instead the creators have provided several small pockets on the sides of the seat. Considering the fact that out of a chair or to sit down it takes some time and requires some skill, it would be wise to build coasters or anything like that.

Price Thronos has not yet been announced, but Acer claims that the chair will be released by the end of the year.


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